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Current Project



1BestariNet is a project initiated by the Education Ministry of Malaysia in a collaboration with YTL Communications. Under this project, more than 10,000 schools - both primary and secondary will be provided with 4G speed internet access and a virtual learning platform with high speed internet as well as access to [Penyelesaian Pembelajaran Bersepadu].

Unicliq has been trusted by the Ministry of Education Malaysia under 1BestariNet to increase awareness and usage of the Virtual Learning Environment that was launched by the ministry in 2002. 1BestariNet is currently under its second phase of implementation and as the partner responsible for change management, UniCliq has a timeline of 18 months, commenced on October 2017.

Important numbers:
● The project involves over 10,000 elementary and high schools all over Malaysia, including vernacular schools, public schools, and various boarding schools
● Equal focus on reaching 100% of all urban, suburban, and rural schools

The Process

Unicliq has appointed talented and driven individuals as Change Management Officers (CMOs) that will be working with respective VLE administrators to run the programmes under this project. For elementary schools, the tasks are mainly to:

1. Coordinate with respective state departments to organise a talk for the head of schools to explain about the programme
2. During the meeting with the head of schools, which can happen on a state level or district level, an agreed schedule will be developed for a session with teachers, parents and students of the schools involved
3. During the meeting with teachers, parents, and students, discussion will revolve around how to make the VLE more effective for everyone involved

Registration and activation of ID for the platform will be conducted during the meeting with the help of the officers.

Resource materials such as guidebooks and pamphlets will be provided to all schools in order to facilitate the process of getting the target groups on the VLE platform.

Note: For high schools, notification will be done through the school’s parent-teacher associations. Details of the students will be obtained from the schools and subsequently activation will be done. The officers will ensure smooth running of activation and encourage students to get on the VLE platform.

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