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Form 2


This package consist of following courseware title:-

Courseware Title

  1. Understanding the Sense Organs and Their Functions
  2. Analysing the Human Ability to Detect and Respond to Stimuli
  3. Analysing the Sense of Touch
  4. Analysing the Sense of Smell
  5. Understanding the Sense of Hearing
  6. Understanding the Sense of Sight
  7. TEST : The World Through Our Senses
  8. Analysing the Characteristics of Light
  9. Synthesising the Idea of The Mechanism of Sight in Human
  10. Analysing the Defects of Sights and Its Corrections
  11. Understanding the Limitation of Sight
  12. TEST : Light and sight
  13. Analysing the Characteristics of Sound
  14. Understanding Pitch and Loudness
  15. Understanding Hearing Defects
  16. Understanding the Limitation of the Sense of Hearing
  17. Understanding the use of devices to overcome hearing limitations
  18. Analysing the classes of food
  19. Analysing a balanced diet
  20. Analysing the Human Digestive System
  21. Analysing the Process of Food Digestion
  22. Understanding the Process of Absorption of Digested Food
  23. Understanding the reabsorption of digested food
  24. Evaluating the importance of handling food for health
  25. Being thankful for the Abundance and Variety of Food
  26. TEST : Nutrition
  27. Synthesising the Classification of Plants
  28. Evaluating the importance of Systematic Classification of Living Organism
  29. Marvelling the Variety of Living Organism Created by God
  30. Realising the Importance of Biodiversity to the Environment
  31. TEST : Biodiversity
  32. Understanding Ecosystem
  33. Analysing the Interdependence among Living Organisms
  34. Analysing the Interaction among Living Things
  35. Understanding The Biological Control
  36. Synthesising Food Web
  37. Synthesising the Pyramid of Numbers
  38. Analysing Photosynthesis
  39. Understanding the Role of Photosynthesis in Maintaining a Balanced Ecosystem
  40. Understanding Conversation and Preservation
  41. Evaluating the Importance of Conversation and Preservation of Living Organisms
  42. Evaluating the Role of Human Being in Maintaining the Natural Equilibrium
  43. TEST : Conversation and Preservation of Living Organisms
  44. Analysing the Physical Properties of Water
  45. Analysing the Composition of Water
  46. Analysing the Process of Evaporation of Water
  47. Understanding Suspension
  48. Analysing Solubility
  49. Understanding Organic Solvent
  50. Analysing Alkalis
  51. Understanding the Air has Pressure
  52. Synthesising the Concept of Force
  53. Understanding the Measurement of Force
  54. Understanding Frictional Force
  55. Understanding the Concept of Work
  56. Understanding the Concept of Power
  57. TEST : Dynamics
  58. Understanding the Support System in Plants


Science Form 2 (1 MONTH)


Science Form 2 (3 MONTHS)